Tuesday, September 13

Good Night, Sweetheart

It's all at once, and terribly so,
a dead hand closes on us--and we know
they'll never relent, no matter how
we beg and plead. And on you now,
that grim and hungry grey-green shadow,

the pariah sign that says you must go
into the dark. We can't take this slow.
Give me your shotgun, take one final bow,
and that's all.  At once.

Were you toothless, I'd wait and show
you the longing that could lay me low,
the lust I hold for daylight on your brow.
You're a deadly danger, I cannot disavow.
You're human still, inside, I know...
but you all were, once.

This week's challenge format is the rondeau.  This hasty entry does not adhere precisely to the rules, so I'll post at least one more soon.  Besides, writing about the zombie apocalypse is no way to be taken seriously...right?